The Great Canadian Check In

So Canada, we are making ourselves proud, eh?

Canadians have been fortunate as we rally together duringas a result ofpresently, and in the future as we all brace ourselves for what the medical community has been preparing us for all along – the 2nd Wave of the Covid pandemic.

Throughout it all, Canadians have had a unified message from local, provincial and federal Government.  Our health & safety and well-being was the number 1 priority.  And it appears that although the messages may have been slightly different in varying regions, and at different times, the goals were the same.

What will Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 look like?

Who knows?  But here’s some of what’s been happening around the country:

Canadians are thankful to Frontline workers and continue to show their appreciation through children’s art lining windows, front doors and sidewalks with hearts and thank you notes. There’ve also been balcony serenades of gratitude.

We’ve seen manufacturers retool in order to produce N95 respirators, and figure out how to make compliant medical gowns & distilleries switching from beer production to hand sanitizer production.

There’ve been large corporate donations of masks, gowns & other PPE.  Medical students have delivered food to healthcare workers.  Motel & Hotel rooms have been provided as shelter space for those people who may need to isolate.

We’ve even seen an energy company buy $10,000 worth of gift cards to help keep a coffee shop afloat.

This is good stuff Canada!  Oh Canada, don’t you worry, we will continue to stand on guard for thee.