Getting Sassy with SaaS

First off, do we all know what this “SaaS” is?

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service.  This is a term that was previously coined as “build a processor” or “digital program & development”.  Tech people love to create new words or phrases just to keep us on our toes! Well this is a new vibey one now being used all over the place!

Where is it used?

The question probably should read, where isn’t it used?  But we did say we were gonna get sassy didn’t we?

One application of where it’s used is in the Insurance industry.  For example, transferring archaic legacy systems to up-to-date matrices which can be more easily updated and well maintained.  Software updates allows the end user to retrieve & access data in a more timely manner and with greater ease.

Translation:  Companies are selling software tools as part of their service offerings…..Software as a Service….get it now?

Can this get tricky?

Absolutely!  Especially if the client was somehow emotionally attached as to how and when the original process was created.  Usually because this is what they know.  This is where their comfort lies. This was the start of their business success.

New & Improved, sometimes scares clients.  Most often, people need to see it to believe it.  And once you get started, make no mistake, it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and communication.

What’s the moral of the Story?

“…We need to work smarter, right here and right now!”

What many companies have come to realize after introducing SaaS, is how much more efficient and streamlined their business is.  And once this is accomplished, imagine the time that can now be used to growing the business and setting and accomplishing new goals.

We can do this by throwing away our detailed paper chutes & ladders charts & if-then diagrams and accept that there may be a better way by operating differently and opening up business opportunities to new people, technology and its service offerings.