Mio by Mixto: Transform your Business with Digital Solutions

Mio is a digital solutions platform developed by Mixto; a technology company focused on creating innovative digital tools for businesses. Mio is designed to help businesses improve their digital presence and streamline their operations through a range of tools and services.

Web Services

Web Design

Mio’s web service is a valuable resource for businesses looking to create a professional and visually appealing website. With Mio’s web design service, businesses can work with experienced designers to create a website that meets their specific needs and captures the essence of their brand.

Ecommerce Services

Our Mio team understands that a strong ecommerce web service is a powerful tool that allows businesses to create and manage their online store with ease. With Mio’s ecommerce web service, businesses can customize their online store to match their brand and create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

One of the key features of Mio’s ecommerce web service is its easy-to-use product management system. Businesses can easily add new products, update pricing and inventory, and manage their product catalog all in one place. Additionally, Mio’s ecommerce web service offers a range of payment and shipping options, making it easy for businesses to process transactions and ship products to their customers

The Mio teams is always available for ongoing support and maintenance, helping businesses to keep their website up-to-date and functioning smoothly. This includes regular updates and security patches, as well as support for technical issues or questions.

Digital Services

Logs & Reports

Mio’s digital logs and reports offer businesses an efficient and comprehensive way to track their operations and performance. With Mio’s digital logs and reports, businesses can easily monitor their activities and generate detailed reports to inform decision-making and improve their overall performance.

One of the key features of Mio’s digital logs and reports is their customizability. These logs can then be used to generate reports that provide valuable insights into business performance and confirm files have been processed and completed to expectations. With their customizability, real-time updates, and comprehensive reporting features, Mio’s digital logs and reports can help businesses optimize their operations, drive growth and prepares for upcoming projects or volumes.

Digital E-Processor

Mio’s Digital E-processor is a powerful tool that helps businesses manage their email communications more efficiently. With Mio’s Digital E-processor, businesses can automate their email workflows, saving time and streamlining their operations.

One of the key features of Mio’s digital email processor is its ability to handle large volumes of emails quickly and accurately. The platform can automatically sort and categorize emails based on predefined rules, ensuring that emails are routed to the appropriate recipients and responses are generated in a timely manner.

Mio’s digital email processor also includes customizable templates and automation tools, allowing businesses to create and send targeted email campaigns to their customers. This can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to engage their customers and drive sales.

IP Warmup

Mio recognizes the importance of IP warming when it comes to sending emails. IP warming is the process of gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from a new IP address to establish a positive reputation with email providers and avoid being flagged as spam. Mio uses IP warming as a best practice before sending emails to ensure maximum deliverability and engagement. By gradually increasing the volume of emails sent, Mio can establish a positive reputation with email providers and increase the chances of their emails being delivered to the recipient’s inbox. This proactive approach to email deliverability helps businesses using Mio to ensure their email campaigns are effective and reach their intended audience.

 Analytics & Logs

Mio offers businesses a comprehensive summary report of their executed digital package, providing information on successful deliveries, bounce backs with explanations, and blocked emails. Moreover, Mio provides detailed analytics that enable businesses to track engagement metrics such as opens and clicks, giving them a complete view of their email program from start to finish. By combining these analytics with Mio’s digital logs, businesses gain valuable insights into the performance of their email campaigns and can make data-driven decisions to optimize their email strategies.

Mio’s digital email processor is an essential tool for businesses looking to manage their email communications more effectively. With its automation capabilities, customization options, and powerful analytics, Mio’s digital email processor can help businesses save time and resources, while also improving their customer engagement and driving growth.

Special Handling

There are situations where a standard fulfillment package may not suffice. For instance, some client groups may require specific documents to be included in their packages based on their membership level, corporate department, or region. Alternatively, a business may wish to incorporate custom documents such as buck slips, enrolment forms, or return envelopes within a member package. Additionally, a company may want to ensure that the group’s administration office receives all packages via expedited courier. With Mio’s Special Handling application, businesses can fully customize package contents, shipping destinations, and shipping methods by providing the group’s unique identifiers and uploading required document templates. This application even enables businesses to target individual members with specific package requirements, providing maximum flexibility and control.

Secure Doc & Messaging

Mio has developed a comprehensive and secure document exchange and communication solution that protects sensitive data and reduces fraud risks for businesses. This cutting-edge solution facilitates faster and more secure sharing of critical documents, thereby accelerating production. Key features of the solution include the ability to password-protect communication and documents before sending them out, auto-destruction of information after a specified number of hours with high 256-bit encryption, and the ability to view and comment on documents. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can safeguard their sensitive data, improve communication efficiency, and enhance their overall security posture.


Are you seeking to enhance your business’s cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability? Rather than creating and distributing hundreds of thousands of hard copies of kits, businesses can produce and distribute the same content digitally, saving on printing and shipping costs. Mio’s data processing mechanism can convert physical kits into digital ones, with each piece personalized to the same level of precision, individuality, and quality. Opting for quick electronic delivery can save businesses substantial recurring costs associated with printing, separating, matching with a letter, stuffing, and postage. Mio can produce virtually any type of e-kit, providing businesses with maximum flexibility and customization options.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

Mio provides a comprehensive range of in-house IT services, utilizing proprietary source code for software development. All aspects of IT services, including design, coding, Q&A, testing, implementation, and deployment, are handled internally by Mio’s team. The company offers end-to-end solutions for IT projects and manages ongoing technology needs for its clients. Mio strictly adheres to security standards and regulations to prevent any client data breaches. Each software program undertaken by Mio is entirely customized to meet the unique requirements of the client. Mio’s dedicated and experienced team of professionals are committed to ensuring the success of every project, from design to testing and implementation, providing customized business software solutions.

Processing Software & Support

Enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness requires the elimination of system errors and optimization of daily operations. Mio specializes in creating and developing customized processing software that can streamline operations and improve organizational efficiency. Mio’s experienced development team works closely with clients throughout the entire software development process, from initial design to testing and implementation. Mio provides comprehensive assistance, guidance, and documentation to ensure clients can fully utilize and benefit from their customized software program.

Automated Warehousing & Distribution

Efficient warehouse automation and distribution services are vital for a company’s success. MIO provides specialized automated warehouse software and distribution systems to ensure secure inventory storage, retrieval, handling, and distribution. Our expert team oversees the entire process and provides 24/7 access to real-time data and inventories. With our cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in managing large-scale initiatives and new product releases, MIO can provide your company with the warehouse services it needs to succeed.

Program Management

The implementation of a new program can be daunting and disruptive to regular business operations. To ensure a seamless transition, MIO provides program management services that guide clients through each stage of a new project. As soon as a program is accepted, we assign a team to manage every aspect of the project, from concept to implementation, to ensure its success. With our expert guidance and support, you can be confident that the implementation process will be handled smoothly and efficiently.

Data Storage & Retention

In today’s business landscape, managing and protecting sensitive data is crucial. Mio recognizes this and offers customized data management and storage solutions to meet your specific needs. We provide a service level agreement (SLA) and data retention policy that is tailored to your organization’s requirements. Our team adheres to the strictest governance standards when processing data, ensuring that all information is received, stored, and destroyed in a secure manner and in accordance with your specific policies.

Accessible Document Compliance AODA

Mio has a team of certified specialists who are committed to identifying and eliminating communication barriers within organizations, making it easier for individuals with disabilities to access the information they need. We have created solutions that review policies, procedures, contracts, charts, and other documents to ensure that all communications meet legal requirements. Our goal is to create easily distinguishable text and graphics with user-friendly layouts and simple navigation, which improves the effectiveness of screen reading software.

Hire a Developer

Mio employs a prototyping approach and a strong development plan to convert legacy programs into functionally rich applications. We create customized solutions that seamlessly interact with various environments to streamline your processes and boost your corporate profitability. We also manage all post-development operations, including processor maintenance and updates.

Tailored to meet your needs – By partnering with an IT services provider dedicated to enhancing digital experiences, you can collaborate with our top-notch internal developers and IT specialists who possess the specialized skills necessary to fulfill all of your requirements.

Collaborate with development specialists – Our team of skilled developers can help you build scalable solutions with real-time capabilities and component-based architectures. With their extensive expertise in QA, Backend Dev, DevOps, Java, and Node.js, they can be hired on a full-time, hourly, or fixed-price basis. It’s important to note that they are our in-house developers and not freelancers.

Efficient workspace – Our project managers, system administrators, and sales specialists focus on creating an ideal work environment for our development team, ensuring that our developers integrate smoothly with your existing staff.

Zero additional expenses – We take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, sick days, and vacations for the developers working with your team, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to you.

Data Security – At Mio, we adhere to rigorous information security standards such as SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA certification. We maintain consistent service quality and employ a robust framework to safeguard your intellectual property and investment while optimizing processes and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

In today’s digital age, businesses need to leverage cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the competition. By partnering with MIO, you can transform your business with bespoke digital solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced development team, dedicated project managers, and comprehensive security measures ensure that your digital initiatives are executed seamlessly and effectively. From building scalable software applications to implementing cloud-based solutions, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can help you take your business to the next level with our top-notch digital solutions.