Custom Gift Cards For Easy Payments And Security

MIXTO offers the ability to customize the front and back of plastic gift cards to add unique information to make it easy to track purchases in your POS system, make payments and ensure security, including the following:

We can also create and print gift card holders that attach to the cards to create an attention-grabbing hanging display at your point of sale; making them easy for customers to find for a convenient gift that brings new customers in.

Cutom Features:

  • Magnetic stripes to make purchasing easier
  • Unique bar codes for each card
  • Numbering that is easy to read
  • A signature panel
  • A scratch off section
  • Variable imaging
  • Holograms
  • Other security features

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Create A Custom Gift Card Program With MIXTO

MIXTO has been printing plastic gift cards for businesses for many years and has the experience to help you create a gift card program that meets your needs. Whether it's a small number of cards or mass production you're looking for, MIXTO will take the time to listen to you and create a solution that works for your business.