Custom Membership and VIP Card Printing Solutions

Take your membership cards to a new level with professional designs and full colour printing on plastic cards that are sleek and durable. MIXTO offers high quality plastic membership card printing services on top-of-the-line printing equipment with professional finishes. We can turn your membership cards into promotional tools that represent your brand and your members will be proud to have in their wallets.


Make Your Membership Cards Multi-Functional.

Go beyond a basic membership card and add extra security features and options. Offer a cashless environment at your club where members can buy refreshments and merchandise using their membership cards. They can also have a dual function as a loyalty card for reward points and discounts.

Custom Features:

  • Photo ID
  • Individual member numberĀ printed on the card
  • Unique bar code
  • Magnetic stripe for easy check-in or payments
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Signature panel

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Membership Cards With Flair And Function.

Make your members proud to be part of the club starting with a plastic membership card that represents your organization's culture and branding. MIXTO has many years of experience working with non-profit, public and private organizations to create membership cards from design to print. Whether it's a basic card you're looking for or want to add smart technology for easy check-in, tracking and payments, we can work with you to design a program that meets your timelines and budget.