Build Your Brand With High Quality Plastic Loyalty Cards.

Loyalty cards are an excellent marketing tool and should be designed to last as customers will keep them in their wallets for years. MIXTO has top of the line equipment to print plastic loyalty cards in full color with high quality finishes. We also have inhouse graphic designers who can create eye-catching designs on cards that customers will be proud to flash at checkout.

Just as each of your customers is unique, each loyalty card can have customized features that allow you to identify and track customer purchases, including the following:

Custom Features:

  • Magnetic strips that allow the cards to easily be swiped
  • Unique bar codes to identify each card
  • Easy to read numbers that are different on each card
  • Signature panels
  • Variable imaging
  • Other security features

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Loyalty and Reward Cards to be proud of.

Beautiful plastic cards with your custom design on front and a barcode or magnetic stripe to easily track their history. Offer rewards to ensure that the clients will keep coming back and retain business.