The Process of Kitting: How Does It Work?

Kitting is the process of taking multiple individual products and combining them into a single kit. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as reducing packaging waste, simplifying ordering and inventory management, or improving customer satisfaction. When done correctly, kitting can provide several benefits for businesses and consumers alike. Here is the overview of kitting and fulfillment services. The purpose of the kit is to make it easier for customers to purchase related items together, or to make it easier for manufacturers to assemble products. 

There are several different methods for assembling kits, and the best approach depends on the products being packaged and the specific needs of the customer. This can be done in-house or by a contract manufacturer. Whether you’re experienced, or just starting, the process of kitting is an important part of creating your project. Here’s a quick guide on the process of kitting and how it works.

The process of kitting 

Kitting is a process that ties together the procurement, assembly, and delivery of goods in a customized way for customers. Typically, it involves assembling products from individual components that are sourced from different suppliers.

1. Procurement

The procurement process of kitting generally starts with the buyer specifying the kit contents and providing a bill of materials (BOM). The supplier will then price out the components and provide a quotation for the finished kit. Once both parties have agreed to the pricing, the supplier will create a purchase order (PO) for the kit’s components and schedule production. Upon receipt of all components, the supplier will assemble the kit and ship it to the buyer.

2. Assigning SKU numbers

An SKU number, or stock-keeping unit number, is a unique identifier for products that are sold through retailers. In the kitting process, one of the main ways to assign items is by SKU number and it is a pre-assemble process. This number is unique to each product and helps to keep track of inventory. When products are sorted by SKU number, it becomes simpler to identify which items need to be included in a particular kit and to assemble the kit accordingly. 

Additionally, by assigning products to specific SKUs, retailers can more easily keep track of inventory and sales data for each product. When assigning items to a kit, it’s important to make sure that all the necessary components are included and that there aren’t any duplicates. You can also use the SKU number to create reports on inventory levels and sales.

3. Flow with assembling

Assembly in kitting is a process where an assembler is supplied with all the parts necessary to assemble a product. The assembler works from a kit that includes an instruction sheet and all the parts necessary to build the product. The assembly may be as simple as putting together a few items that are pre-packaged and labeled for individual sale, or it may be more complex, involving the combining of several items that require manual assembly. 

Kitting can be an efficient way to assemble products, especially when there are many different types of products that need to be assembled and each product requires a unique set of parts. It can also help to ensure that all the necessary components are available when an order is placed, which can minimize delays in shipping. This type of assembly is often used for products that are assembled in small quantities or that are customized for each customer.

4. Shipping and delivering the kitsĀ 

When it comes to kitting process, shipping and delivery are an important part of the overall operation. Once you have completed the assembly of your kit, then it is ready for shipping and delivery. It’s important not to lose sight of these processes since without them kitting would be incomplete. To ensure that kits are shipped correctly and on time, it is important to have a sound process in place. You’ll be able to watch your revenue and profits skyrocket after you have done the kitting process correctly and completely.

Kitting can save businesses time and money while ensuring their products are delivered to their customers in perfect condition. Mixto offers the best kitting and fulfillment services to help businesses with this process.  

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