So Now What?

Last year the experts warned us that the March 2020 lockdown was only a practice run…they were right, it was.  So what’s next?

This year’s challenges may be different – or they may not be.

If your business was flexible enough to re-invent and adapt to everything that 2020 threw at you last year, then that’s great!  Keep up the good work and hang in there.  If not, this is a good opportunity to use this time wisely and to reflect, make some changes and even take some risks.

Essential services and businesses supporting such amenities have continued to operate & provide the tools necessary that many of us require in our daily lives.  For this we are grateful.

We should also be grateful that we know what to expect and let’s all hope that the new vaccine will put us on the path forward to normalcy again (sooner rather than later) in the upcoming months and near future.

Life will be different for all of us as we’ve come to know it.  So then, what’s the answer to the “now what?” question posed earlier… it’s simple, We – Move – Forward!

We put the past behind us.  We tackle new life & business opportunities with a spring in our step. We take what we’ve learned and keep growing. We’ve made it this far so why stop now.  Stronger than ever, bonded by this experience, we seek to heal, grow and look to the future.

Let’s move forward, over and past this hump.  Have you ever heard the phrase “the future is ours”, well it’s true, it is.  Put on your positive vibes, find your meditation spot, calming tea or whatever gets you through the night.  Read, learn, live, love, laugh, encourage others, find resources, show some courage, let’s march forward & wave good-bye to last year.

That, is what happens now.