Increase Brand Awareness With Custom Die Cut Printing

If you’re going to really compete with other businesses in your space, your marketing needs to be unforgettable. Here’s how using custom die cut printing solutions can increase brand awareness for your business.

Increase brand awareness with custom die cut printing: David's tea custom printed loyalty card and key fob card on a dark brown wooden table with a burlap textile.

If you’re going to really compete with other businesses in your space, you’ll need to market yourself, and the way you do it needs to be unforgettable. One of the best ways to stand out is to create your marketing collateral using custom die cut printing. Check out the four Mixto client favourites we really recommend that increase brand awareness with their customers.

1. Custom Die Cut Plastic Cards

Humans constantly seek out great experiences, even in the smallest of interactions, and they absolutely love owning unique things. It makes us feel special and set apart to have access to something that others haven’t seen before. It makes sense then, to work at creating a memorable experience for your customers every single time they come into contact with your brand. Custom die cut plastic cards are a great way to do this. These cards are anything but ordinary, and they’re good at grabbing real attention for your business.

From retail cards, custom membership cards, gift cards to even business cards, they’re produced in unique shapes, sizes and colours that go way beyond expected design. They blow the typically printed kind of card out of the water and can boost the interest of a target audience considerably. They’re less likely to be thrown away, and your business is far more likely to be remembered. Pair them with a great customer experience like a well-run rewards program, and customers are guaranteed to enjoy using them.

To give these cards the high-quality, professional finish Mixto’s known for, we produce them using state of the art automated die cutting equipment. (This also means we pull off amazing creations in record time, which helps when clients need to hit the ground running.)

Need unique business cards, retail cards or custom membership cards fast? Find out how Mixto meets your needs and budget with a quick turnaround time.

2. Die Cut RAC or Hanger Cards for Retail

The next time a consumer checks in or out of a hotel, or cashes out at the grocery, your company could be front and center during their entire process.  Displaying branded specialty die cut plastic gift cards, phone cards or promotional cards doesn’t just grab shoppers’ attention, it’s also cost effective. They don’t need any extra packaging to display, because the standard 2 1/8” x 3 3/8” cards pop out of the advertising piece and they’re quickly stored in a customer’s wallet for future use.

Our customers love that we can produce these customized die cut RAC cards in any volume, no matter the size of their businesses.

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3. Key Fob Cards

Small and easy to store and retrieve when a customer needs them, key fob cards solve that annoying issue of forgotten loyalty cards and keep wallets from getting too crammed. Although we’re living in an increasingly digital age (and that’s another discussion), many customers still prefer to reach for the physical versions of their cards. Key fob cards allow the experience to remain convenient; plus – they’ll still be accessible for use when a customer’s phone battery dies.  We offer many of our clients the cost-effective option of simply printing triple key fob mini cards on one standard card. The resulting fob cards pack a punch at just 2 1/8″ x 1 1/8″ in size. Each card is die cut and scored so that the fobs can easily break away, and the fobs each have holes punched in them to make attaching them to key-rings that much easier.

4. Custom Die Cut Card + Key Fob Card Combos

Flexibility matters. The easier your product is to access, the more likely a customer is to remember to reach for it at the right time.  Specialty die cut cards get an additional boost in usability when they’re paired with fobs/tags. When used in a loyalty program for example, a card and matching fobs can both display the same barcodes or personal information. A customer keeps the card in their wallet, the fob version on a key ring and can use either one for the same thing, like checking books out at the library, or even collecting points at the grocery.

If your business makes use of any of these applications, Custom Plastic Cards and their accompanying Key Fobs are perfect for making your brand look like a superstar:

• Membership cards
• Loyalty cards
• Promotions
• Frequency or session programs
• Identification
• Library Cards
• Sporting events and season tickets

Sold on the Custom Die Cut Card and Key Fob Card idea? Want to keep it simple with just a run of Key Fob cards? Talk to us about getting started.

Increase brand awareness by giving your marketing efforts a creative edge. Mixto can help you showcase your business with custom plastic die cut cards and solutions that represent you well and get you the attention and customers you deserve. Don’t have a program set up just yet? We’ll work with you to create a die cut card program that checks off every item on your list. We make your business’ needs, budget and timeline our main priorities. Give us the details. We’ll take it from here.