Roadside Assistance Fulfillment For Your Customers

At MIXTO, we have extensive experience creating personalized roadside assistance cards and customized programs for the automotive industry. We deliver comprehensive roadside assistance options that clients can tailor to meet the needs of their cardholders.


Secure, Personalized Roadside Assistance Cards

MIXTO produces high-quality customizable plastic cards, letters and individualized contracts. Personalizing cards and contracts lets you tailor your product to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Print packages are then sent directly to the cardholder to ensure accuracy and timeliness using secure mailing methods.

An advanced web-based system allows you to maintain and manage all documents in a monitored environment. We also offer a secure, customizable mobile app that contains all required information for convenient use on the go for cardholders.

Benefits Of MIXTO Roadside Assistance Fulfillment Programs

  • Secure, web-based system
  • Customizable digital options
  • Personalized plastic cards, letters and individualized contracts
  • On-time, secure shipping and mailing services
  • Small and large volume quantities

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Roadside Assistance Fulfillment Services From MIXTO

Roadside assistance cards and services provide cardholders with peace of mind while on the road. We will work with you to create personalized options that stand out and connect with your customers.