Manage Your Data Electronically With Our Virtual Records Services

As organizations expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage, organize and store the increasing volume of paper records. Virtual record storage provides a secure, cloud-based solution for efficient storage and easy retrieval of documents. At MIXTO, we have expanded our offerings to include virtual record storage through scan and store services. Clients can securely store and retrieve important records using our comprehensive document management system.


Secure And Efficient Virtual Document Storage

MIXTO stores all client records on a private, encrypted cloud server for optimal security and efficiency. Designated parties can access virtual records on the private server at any time. The server features a comprehensive file naming convention that allows users to quickly search and retrieve documents with ease. The records are stored for a length of time that is determined by the client. Once the retention cycle has ended, MIXTO hard deletes the records and provides confirmation of the deletion.

Benefits Of Document Management Systems

  • Scan and store services for virtual record keeping
  • Secure cloud storage on a private, encrypted server
  • Cost-effective, space-saving solution
  • Store important files for regulatory, legal, auditing, personal use, and more
  • Retrieve virtual records at any time
  • File naming conventions for quick searches
  • Customized retention cycle and amount of data stored
  • Hard deletion of virtual records at end of retention cycle

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Document Storage Solutions By MIXTO

Many organizations today struggle to keep up with the growing pace of information and the amount of storage space required. MIXTO offers virtual record keeping services that will keep your important documents secure and accessible while taking up less physical space. Stay organized and reduce office clutter with MIXTO virtual record storage solutions.