Create A Custom SLA With Our Client Relationship Managers

Large ongoing projects are often more complex with multiple elements that require greater coordination and management to ensure deliverables are achieved on time and within budget. MIXTO has the expertise and infrastructure to manage projects of any size with its contract fulfillment services. Each SLA (Service Level Agreement) is tailored to the needs of the client detailing the requirements of the project, scope of work and the deliverables. Whether your project requires daily, weekly, monthly or annual outputs, a dedicated Client Relationship Manager will take extra care to ensure 100% accuracy and quick turnarounds as outlined by your SLA.


Benefits Of An Ongoing Contract With MIXTO

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager to oversee project management
  • Access to tools to monitor projects and make adjustments
  • Pricing determined at the beginning with a set budget
  • Large and complex projects can be handled with ease
  • Commitment to 100% accuracy

Feel Confident With MIXTO Order Fulfillment Services

If your company is still handling the fulfillment and distribution process in-house, consider MIXTO. You can feel confident in placing your projects in our hands so that you can put your time and energy into growing your business and focusing on what you do best. We can manage every facet of your projects from program software, data file setups, templates, printing, inventory management and more. With pricing determined at the start of every project, there are never any surprises. You can feel comfortable knowing exactly what the cost will be. If you want to increase production to reach a larger audience, we have the equipment and team that can make that happen.

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MIXTO Fulfills Your Expectations

At MIXTO we're dedicated to providing superior customer service to our clients. You can feel confident that every project is given the time and attention that it deserves whether it's a single mailing or an ongoing project with multiple elements. We guarantee 100% accuracy, security and quick turnarounds to meet your timelines and budget. Every project is executed with precision and expedience.