Secured and Protected Document Storage for Government Organizations

Secure, up-to-date document processes that ensure secure document storage and protection from fraud are vital to today's organizations.

At MIXTO, we have created a comprehensive secure document system that protects important information, helping your organization to drastically reduce fraud. This top of the line system streamlines production, enabling faster and more secure printing of vital documents.

Increase Efficiencies and Eliminate Document Fraud

MIXTO provides clients with both digital and physical secure documents. Our advanced processor system is inclusive of both software and high tech security paper.

  • Secure Document Processes & Benefits Include:

    • Management of document generation and printing
    • Protection using a secure license key
    • Enhanced printing with high security laser printers
    • Online documents and sharing ability
    • Increase process efficiencies
    • Digital and physical secure documents
    • Personalized, controlled-supply security paper
    • Genuine watermarks and holographic images
    • Individual numbering system

Advanced software allows you to streamline your document management processes for increased organizational efficiency. Secure document printing provides access to controlled-supply paper personalized with your corporate brand. Security paper is printed with a genuine watermark and has a holographic image for extra protection from counterfeiting. An individual numbering system for each document provides even greater protection.

Document Protection and High Security Storage Solutions by MIXTO

At MIXTO, we understand that protecting your organization's important documents from fraud is critical. We will work with you to determine your organization's secure document storage and printing needs, creating personalized solutions that eliminate fraud and unauthorized duplication.