Understand Donor Engagement with LENS Targeting Mailing System

At MIXTO, we understand that learning donor behavioural data is key to making informed fundraising decisions. In partnership with Informed Communications Group Inc. (ICG), MIXTO offers non-profit organizations access to innovative marketing services such as LENS Targeting Mailing.

Recognize Donor Lifetime Value for Your Organization

LENS, ICG's proprietary behavioural segmentation system, takes your organization's donor data, organizes it and provides you with detailed feedback on donors. The LENS Targeting Mailing system includes a Donor Lifecycle Audit service. This audit gives clients a unique perspective into the behaviours and movements of their organization's donors, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of donors and their habits.
The LENS strategy provides analysis that assists organizations in knowing how and when to best engage donors. This analysis helps non-profit organizations to strategize and plan productive future campaigns with improved fundraising success.

  • Benefits of LENS Targeting Mailing

    • Organize and analyse data for improved donor insight
    • Access and use donor behavioural data to inform fundraising decisions
    • Donor Lifecycle Audit helps to retain donors, fine-tune budgets and increase revenues
    • Strategize and plan future campaigns
    • Captures donor engagement

Effective Target Marketing Solutions from MIXTO

MIXTO offers cutting-edge services like LENS Targeting Mailing that provides non-profit organizations with valuable insight into donor behaviour. Detailed analysis of donor behaviour will help you to connect with your target audience effectively, delivering fundraising campaigns that result in increased revenue and decreased costs.