Print Distribution Services for Non Profit Organizations

At MIXTO, we have extensive experience producing efficient and cost-effective management programs for print and distribution campaigns. We have worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations of all sizes and markets to create successful projects delivered on time and on budget.

Custom, Cost-Effective Print Distribution Services

MIXTO understands the importance of every penny you spend. We have no minimum order requirements so that organizations can budget their projects exactly as needed. This helps to prevent wastage and ensures that every dollar spent serves its intended purpose. We have the technology and production capabilities to manage small and large volume projects for local, national, and global campaigns.

Many of the non-profit organizations we service are lean in size. As a print distributor, we manage all aspects of print and distribution, freeing up your time to focus on other project duties to better serve your organization's benefactors.

  • Print Distributor Benefits

    • Extensive experience with not-for-profit organizations
    • Custom, cost-effective campaigns
    • No minimum order requirements
    • Small and large volume print and distribution requests
    • One-time distribution projects or on-going programs
    • High quality printing materials
    • Full service equipment onsite for local, national or global programs
    • Expedient and accurate flyer delivery