Communicate with Your Donors Through Custom Mailing Services

At MIXTO, we understand the critical importance of timely acknowledgement and recognition of valued donor contributions. We simplify the process for clients by preparing, personalizing, printing and mailing communications out to prospective donors accurately and at the right time.

Direct Mail Fundraising for Your Business

Getting marketing communication pieces into the hands of prospective donors at the right time is key to a successful campaign. The frequency of donor campaigns can vary, with some occurring once a year. MIXTO works closely with clients to best align donor mailings to the campaign's schedule. This ensures non-profit mailings are sent out at the right time for maximum effect on the target audience.

Our efficient and cost-effective automated production processes prepare mailings with accuracy and expediency. Pre-sort processes ensure the lowest postal rates based on the latest Canada Post requirements.

  • Benefits of Donor Mailing Services

    • Complete mailing services from preparation through mailing
    • Timely and personalized communication pieces
    • Accurate, cost-effective automated production processes
    • Pre-sort processes ensure low postal rates