• Custom BPO Solutions with Our Fulfillment & Kitting Services

    MIXTO is your go-to fulfillment services company for projects big and small. We offer printing, custom kitting and contract fulfillment, ensuring accuracy, security and high quality every time.

Custom Fulfillment Solutions

Customers today want better service and to feel that businesses understand and are addressing their individual needs. At MIXTO, we offer custom kitting and third party fulfillment services to help you connect better with your clients and create unique experiences. We will work closely with you to create standalone, short term or long term programs that utilize our high end technology and expertise for custom packages that stand out in a crowd. You can count on us to handle every facet of your project from concept to design, assembly and shipping. We do it all.

  • Contract Fulfillment

    Get the Expertise, Expedience and Ease of Contract Fulfillment with MIXTO. Large ongoing projects are often more complex with multiple elements that require greater coordination and management to ensure deliverables are achieved on time and within budget.

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  • Customization & Personalization

    With MIXTO Custom Fulfillment Services Every Client is Unique. There is no one size fits all when it comes to MIXTO clients. Each project has its own distinct requirements, challenges and rewards.

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  • Custom Kitting

    Make Each Client Experience Special with Custom Kitting by MIXTO. Whether it's a promotional or information package you're sending out, personalizing it can make it stand out from the crowd and create a greater connection to your customers.

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  • e-Kitting

    Digital Electronic Kits Offer Cost Savings. Is your company looking to decrease costs and generate a greener footprint? Instead of creating hundreds or thousands of hard copies of kits, the same content can be produced and transmitted digitally saving on printing and shipping.

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