Create Personalized Documents and Packages with Custom Kitting

Every client is unique with individual needs and tastes. This is true for MIXTO and for the businesses we deal with everyday. Whether it's a promotional or information package you're sending out, personalizing it can make it stand out from the crowd and create a greater connection to your customers.

At MIXTO, we have the high-end equipment and experience to create customized kitting solutions. From simple letters with names and addresses to complete kits tailored to the needs of each of your clients, we have the solutions to create targeted materials that will make your clients feel special.

Custom Kitting Solutions for Your Business

    • Printing cards, letters and more with variable data
    • Affixing labels with personal information
    • Sorting, folding and inserting documents
    • Shipping and mailing services
    • Custom assembly of kits by hand
    • Automated assembly

Custom Packaging Provides Flexibility

With MIXTO, customers have the option to customize kits in small or large runs in an endless amount of ways. Custom kits can be as unique and creative as a client wants. The flexibility to create personalized packages on demand means that content is always relevant even with changes in season, date or recipient. You can quickly introduce new campaigns into the marketplace without the cost of doing large volume runs. Add a new piece to a kit or run off a completely new customized standalone project.

Personalized Kitting and Fulfillment
Solutions By MIXTO

Clients want better service and to feel that they're being treated as individuals and not just another number in a crowd. MIXTO's custom kitting services can help you better reach your clients and develop more meaningful relationships and loyal customers. The option for variability in the marketplace is a differentiator and a competitive advantage that can make your business stand out. MIXTO can work with you to create custom packages that meet your needs, timeline and budget.