Go Digital and Increase Efficiency with Electronic Kits

Is your company looking to decrease costs and generate a greener footprint? Instead of creating hundreds or thousands of hard copies of kits, the same content can be produced and transmitted digitally saving on printing and shipping.

MIXTO has the software to take physical kits and transform them into electronic versions. Each piece can be customized with the same level of accuracy, personalization and quality. Going paperless allows customers the ability to eliminate the costs associated with printing documents and shipping them. The cost to ship larger packages can be more expensive than the actual manufacturing of kits. There is virtually no limit as to the type of e-kits that MIXTO can produce.

MIXTO Electronic Kitting Services for Any Business

    • Welcome packages
    • Letters
    • Contracts
    • Cards
    • Statements of benefits and claim forms
    • And more

Increase Security and Improve Turnaround
Times with e-Kitting

Always be sure that your kit gets to the right person with electronic kitting. Hard copies can get mailed to the wrong person or lost and private documents can be opened by someone other than the intended party. Electronic kits require member authentication to access documents for an extra level of security.

The elimination of printing and shipping kits means that clients can digitally receive documents within seconds of processing instead of having to wait to get them in the mail.

Provide Better Service to Clients with
e-Kitting by MIXTO

Whatever your requirements, whether it's a complex membership package or client letters, MIXTO can help your business go paperless, reduce costs and provide quicker turnaround times. We have the equipment and the experience to create innovative kits customized to the needs of your business within your budget.