• Insurance Service Solutions

    MIXTO is a trusted provider of insurance business process outsourcing (BPO) services with a strong history of offering advanced solutions for the printing and distribution of cards and materials in the insurance industry.

Unique Solutions Address Insurance
Industry Challenges

MIXTO specializes in providing clients with unique programs to address their needs. As an insurance outsourcing company, that means working with organizations within the industry to provide distribution and printing services for programs of every size. Whether it's a multi-national launch or a small project, MIXTO is the full service company you can rely on to exceed quality, timeline and budget targets.

  • Insurance Cards

    Reliable Insurance Card Solutions. Insurance cards are a convenient means for providers to ensure plan members have their insurance information on hand in times of need.

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  • Integrated Cards

    Streamline Your Business Offerings with Integrated Cards. Integrated cards offer businesses the best of both worlds by providing an easily removable card and carrier in one document.

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  • Client Distribution Services

    Outsourcing distribution services gets products into the hands of customers in a timely and cost-effective manner while allowing businesses to focus on other core aspects of day-to-day operations and business growth.

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  • Secure File Sharing

    Upload and securely share files with authorized employees in your organization. Leverage our file storage services to securely store and manage electronic documents for registered businesses.