Custom Integrated Cards for Insurance Services

Integrated cards offer businesses the best of both worlds by providing an easily removable card and carrier in one document.

At MIXTO, we create a variety of integrated card products that are compatible with a full range of printers. We ensure that cards are made of the highest quality and customized to meet your specific business needs.

Integrated Card Applications

    • Membership cards
    • ID cards
    • Student ID passes
    • Travel vouchers
    • Loyalty cards
    • Promo cards
    • Discount cards
    • And more

Secure, Personalized Card Options

MIXTO integrated cards are laminated and die cut so that customers can easily remove them from documents and keep them. Integrated card sheets are compatible with a wide range of printers, saving time and ensuring a 100% data and colour match between letter and card. We personalize cards to have the look and feel you want and can add security features like holographic stamps for enhanced fraud protection.

Benefits of Laminated Integrated Cards by MIXTO

    • Small quantity and high-volume requests
    • Compatible with a full range of printers
    • 100% Data and colour match between letter and card
    • Personalization of documents
    • Optional security features like holographic stamps and security inks
    • Various card stock options
    • One and two card options

Integrated Card Services by MIXTO

Integrated cards offer a flexible and cost-effective way to get membership, loyalty promo cards and more into the hands of your valued customers. MIXTO will work with you to create cards that showcase your brand and get your business noticed.