Personal Health Information Secured with Our Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment services that strictly safeguard personal health information are essential to organizations in the healthcare industry.

At MIXTO, we understand the high level of privacy, security and care that's required when handling personal health information. We provide our clients with high quality health fulfillment services designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Highly Secure, Cost-Effective Fulfillment Services

MIXTO prints, fulfills, and ships clients' information all within our secure location. We handle personal information with the utmost care so that it never ends up in the wrong hands, and we ensure that all information is PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant. In addition to diligently protecting patient privacy, we execute all projects with expediency and accuracy. We utilize advanced technologies and extensive industry experience to deliver highly efficient, cost-effective health fulfillment processes.

  • Fulfillment Company Benefits

    • Print, fulfill, and ship all within one secure location
    • Special handling and rush requests
    • Custom, cost-effective processes
    • New and innovative fulfillment technologies
    • Superior customer service and support
    • High quality digital and standard products
    • PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant

Heath Fulfillment Solutions by MIXTO

At MIXTO, we work closely with you to ensure that the product your members and patients receive reflects the values of your organization. Our high quality digital and standard products are geared to meet the critical security and privacy needs of our healthcare industry clients.