Custom Print Management Solutions for Healthcare Services

Managed print services allow organizations to gain visibility and control over printing, increasing the overall productivity, quality and efficiency of printing practices.

At MIXTO, we deliver print management services designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry with high quality printing, optimal turnaround times and improved cost savings.

Cost-Effective and Secure Print Management Solutions

MIXTO print management solutions delivers actionable metrics on the technology used to produce print, the organization using our print services, and the documents being printed. This comprehensive overview helps us determine the best path for your business, uncover substantial cost savings, and promote better allocation of resources.

In addition to significantly reducing your organization's overall printing costs, our advanced technology and services are designed to improve data security and ensure strict PIPEDA and HIPAA compliance.

  • Managed Print Services Benefits

    • Actionable metrics
    • Increased efficiencies and optimized processes
    • Substantial print cost savings
    • Improved security
    • PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant

Healthcare Print Management by MIXTO

At MIXTO, we have extensive experience working with organizations in the healthcare industry. With a philosophy of "print less by innovating more", we deliver versatile print management services and solutions that identify and reduce printing costs, allowing you to focus your valuable resources on patient care.