Hardware Solutions with Barcode Scanners & Magstripe Readers

For optimal efficiency, barcode scanners and magnetic stripe readers allow users to quickly and easily scan and read encoded information on ID cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and more.

At MIXTO, we offer a wide range of barcode scanners and magstripe readers for any application. In addition to our extensive manufacturing and software offerings, we provide corresponding scanner and reader hardware solutions to encompass all of your card program needs.

Scan Barcodes and Magnetic Stripes with Ease

MIXTO offers a selection of scanners and readers in both corded and cordless versions. Corded scanners and readers are best for fixed locations and are usually plugged into a USB port on a computer. Cordless scanners and readers allow for freedom of movement with a base station connected to a USB port on a computer. Our barcode scanners and magnetic card readers feature a range of connectivity options to meet your organization's specific requirements.

    • Bluetooth
    • Ethernet
    • Keyboard Emulation
    • RS232/485
    • USB
    • WIFI

Additional Scanning Technologies and
Features to Consider

    • Handheld laser and area imager scanners
    • Fixed mount scanners and omni-directional scanners
    • Linear vs. 2-dimensional barcodes

Barcode Scanners and Magstripe Readers from MIXTO

MIXTO offers a comprehensive selection of barcode scanners and magnetic card readers to meet your card application needs. We will work with you to determine what brand, type, interface and additional features are best suited to your business. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your card programs with our quality card scanning and reading solutions.