Government Photo ID Cards with Enhanced Security Features

Along with photo identification, today's Photo ID cards use advanced smart technologies that provide enhanced security for controlled access to businesses, services and more.

At MIXTO, we design and print a full range of high quality, customized photo identification cards in small and large volumes to meet the specific security needs of your organization.

  • Photo ID Card Applications:

    • Student ID cards
    • Employee ID badges
    • Access control cards
    • Government services
    • Corporate offices
    • Manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitals facilities
    • And more

Advanced ID Card Printing Solutions

MIXTO can add a variety of features to your organization's photo ID cards to increase the overall security and functionality of the cards.

  • ID Card Options

    • Holographic overlay
    • Micro-printing
    • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
    • Bar coding
    • Magnetic stripes
    • Single or dual sided printing
    • High resolution imaging

We have the printing and programming capabilities to create high-resolution photo ID cards with RFID and chip encoding technology to securely store protected data. Clients can also choose holographic overlays and micro-printing options for further anti-fraud measures. We offer versatile, one- or two-sided ID card printing along with a variety of card thicknesses.

Keep Your Organization Secure with ID Card
Printing by MIXTO

Proper identification is necessary to ensure security, controlled access to private and public organizations. At MIXTO, we understand that security is a top priority for your organization. We will work with you to create photo ID cards that represent your brand and provide the features that you require.