Print, Sort, Package and Ship with Our In-House Mailing Facility

Direct mail campaigns targeting hundreds or thousands of recipients are time sensitive, and require great attention to detail to ensure accuracy and reduce overall shipping costs.
At MIXTO, we have a complete in-house mailing facility to handle projects of all sizes from printing materials to sorting and packaging, and final shipment. We take care of all the details big and small to ensure that your business' documents are handled with care and efficiency.

MIXTO Lettershop Production Services:

    • Full service data processing (including NCOA and postal pre-sorting)
    • Inkjet addressing
    • Laser personalization
    • Inserting
    • Label affixing
    • Warehousing
    • Distribution services
    • Postal optimization

Attention to Detail Saves on Time and Money

The smallest details can cause major disruptions when it comes to direct mail campaigns. It could be something as simple as an order form not fitting into the reply envelope, barcodes not meeting specifications or materials being more expensive to ship because they're over a certain size and weight. Our responsibility at MIXTO is to ensure that each mass mailing is designed and reviewed with careful consideration to expedite shipping and reduce costs.

We have the high-tech equipment for printing, sorting, inserting and affixing packages for shipments as well as manual services for 100% accuracy. Our goal is to ensure that your packages meet required specifications and are processed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. With our extensive knowledge of the Canadian postal system we can provide your business with recommendations for mail-piece design, processing and shipment to save you money.

The Right Mix of Lettershop Services

At MIXTO, we understand the challenges that our clients face when it comes to producing and shipping direct mail packages. For bulk mailings, you can trust us to take care of every facet of your campaign from concept to fulfillment; ensuring accuracy, security and a fast turnaround within your budget. We listen carefully to our clients and create customized programs tailored to the needs of each business, providing expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process.