High Quality Solutions with Our In-House Digital Printing

Each print project is unique and requires a personalized touch to create an impactful connection with your customers. Customizing print projects to fit the needs of your client base and capture your brand's vision will allow your products to stand out and inspire.

At Mixto, we provide you with versatile, high quality digital print solutions that your products and services deserve. No project is too small or too large. Whether it's a request for a large volume run, short-run, on-going or one-off, MIXTO has the technology and experience to deliver each project to the highest standard every time.

Extensive In-House Options and
Up-to-Date Technologies

Dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each client, MIXTO has the high quality digital printing equipment and professional digital printing expertise to produce personalized print projects. With an extensive selection of paper sizes, materials and finishing options, we can execute each job to your exact standards.

MIXTO utilizes the latest industry workflow management tools to consistently deliver online printing that reflects a commitment to accuracy, expediency, quality assurance and competitive pricing.

  • Digital Print Solutions and Services for Your Business

    • Large volume, on-demand, on-going or one-off runs
    • Large format digital printing
    • Wide variety of paper sizes, materials, and finishing options
    • Full colour variable and black
    • Wide selection of products including brochures, booklets, contracts, letters, statements, direct mail, cards, inserts and more
    • Personalized/customized marketing pieces
    • High quality digital printing equipment
    • Top quality printing produced quickly and accurately
    • Competitive pricing

Digital Printing by MIXTO

MIXTO has top of the line equipment, an extensive selection of in-house options and the experience to produce high quality digital print solutions that will showcase your products and services at their best. We will work closely with you to produce marketing pieces that reflect your brand and meet your volume, cost and timeline needs.