Integrate Virtual Cards Into Your Business

Attract tech savvy consumers and clientele with a virtual card program that can be easily accessed on a smartphone or mobile device.
MIXTO can work with you to integrate virtual cards into your current card program to create a hybrid system of plastic cards and virtual cards or create a completely new mobile solution. Virtual cards have many of the same features of a plastic card, including unique QR codes, bar codes and numbers that can be scanned at point of sale. In-depth reporting and data mining capabilities can provide you with a variety of metrics essential to growing your business and improving customer experience.

  • Custom Virtual or Hybrid Card Programs for Any Organization

    • Membership programs
    • Loyalty programs
    • Gift cards
    • Identification and vital records
    • Roadside assistance programs
    • Insurance benefits

Increase Security with an
Environmentally-Friendly Virtual Card Program

While plastic cards can be lost or stolen, virtual cards are more secure as they can only be accessed on your smartphone or mobile device with a secure login. You have more control over information and reduce the risk associated with traditional cards. New clients can receive their virtual cards almost instantly rather than having to wait for them to be delivered in the mail. Card cancellations and replacements are also much easier and quicker.

Virtual card programs are also more environmentally-friendly as there's no physical card to produce or waste involved.

Reduce Costs with MIXTO Virtual Card Programs

At MIXTO we can create a custom card program that works best for you and your clientele whether it's a completely mobile solution or a hybrid plastic and virtual card. From design to application development and support, we'll take care of it all. If you choose a hybrid solution, we can print full colour custom plastic cards on our top of the line equipment that integrate with a virtual program for even more choice for you and your customers.