Keep Your Data Secure with Our Retention and Storage Services

With the volume of data that businesses handle these days, robust data retention and storage processes are crucial to managing and keeping valuable data safe.

At MIXTO, we provide you with a data retention policy and individualized service level agreement (SLA) designed to meet your specific business needs. We adhere to the strictest terms of governance regarding data handling and ensure that we receive, store and delete all data securely and to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Document Management Systems by MIXTO

    • Detailed data retention policy
    • Individualized SLA with defined terms of data usage
    • Secure environment with robust data retention and storage processes
    • Strict adherence to laws and regulations for handling data
    • Annual audit by certified third party auditor

Safe and Secure Data Retention Solutions to Meet
Your Business Needs

Secure storage and management of information is critical to your company's protection.

At MIXTO, we take your privacy and security seriously. We provide clients with a data retention policy and SLA that details our protocol for retaining and handling data in the operational environment. You determine the length of time data is retained in the system. Once ready for deletion, data is disposed of using software that irreversibly removes it from our system for maximum privacy at all times.

We have a yearly third-party audit to ensure we meet and exceed the terms of SOC compliance and that we strictly adhere to laws and regulations when handling your data.

Data Protection Solutions by MIXTO

MIXTO has the expertise and advanced document management system in place to ensure your data is handled safely and securely at all times. We work with you to determine and manage your unique data retention and data protection needs so you can focus on your business knowing your important information is safe.