To our valued Partners,

As the spring sunshine bears it rays and masked smiles are no longer visible, our eyes have become our mouths and our eyebrows become our smiles. How do we prepare for such a new day? We adapt. We strive to do better, make a difference, stand strong, love and stay healthy.

As we focus our attention to media, news channels, non believers and politicians, it’s important that we focus on our core values both as individuals and organizations. The pandemic is affecting every single one of us. This is a challenging time that can be an opportunity to define the foundation that will be laid for future leaders and generations to come.   Policies and processes have been written, tested and provided the confidence and comfort that was required to gain credibility and provide a sense of resolution. Today, leaders around the world struggle to cope with what has become a true test, something that has no manual and no magical potion.

The well-being, health and safety of our team at Mixto Ltd, is and will always be our priority. We continue to support all staff with supplied PPE, daily education and awareness of COVID-19. We encourage all office administration to work from home. As COVID-19 vaccines become available, we encourage our team to do their part and book appointments.

I’ve been so inspired by our front line team, dedicated and loving people who can’t work from home. They support all our essential clients by processing daily files, fulfilling mailings and providing key essential services for our corporate partners. Several new processes have been implemented to help protect our front line staff that include: maximum spacing between work stations, daily temperature checks, daily and weekly sanitization of all equipment, PPE at all work stations and most important, daily communication from management. Together as a strong team, we are making a difference not only at our office location but extending these practices in our communities and most importantly in our homes. With teams working remotely, we have developed a perfect opportunity to deploy staff to our facility if required. We continue to provide cross training to all team members and we are happy to say we have hired new staff to facilitate our continued growth.

We have come so far and we continue to learn and grow as a society and as a global community. And here at Mixto, we will work closely with all our partners and continue to provide the dedicated services that are expected from your Mixto Team. We are grateful for your support and partnership during this global reface.

One day soon, we will be able to share our smiles without the masks, and our hearts will be filled with cheer!

Stay safe, stay healthy and be happy.

Jason Caruana, CEO

Mixto Ltd.