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Generating a greener footprint is increasingly becoming a top priority for businesses. Eco-friendly initiatives not only fulfill a company’s social responsibility, but when executed well can also increase market competitiveness and agility.

MIXTO offers a wide range of industry leading services and solutions designed to help our clients meet their green goals and bolster their bottom line at the same time. From electronic kitting to custom business applications, we can provide clients and their customers with smart digital solutions that create little to no waste.

Transitioning products to the digital sphere means less paper, less toner, less consumables, less laminate, and ultimately less of an environmental impact. It also offers the benefit of easy online access and enhanced security, which many consumers have come to expect.

Custom Kitting Services: Physical Kitting vs. Electronic Kitting

Hand touching screen on modern digital tablet pc.MIXTO has a wealth of experience developing customized kitting solutions for our diverse clients. For many years, we have offered personalized kitting and fulfillment services that include printed cards, letters, and custom packaging tailored to the individual needs of customers.

While we continue to produce these high calibre physical materials, we can also create electronic kits that retain the same standards of personalization and quality without the associated waste. Our electronic kitting services include welcome packages, letters, contracts, cards, statements of benefits and claim forms, and more. There really is no limit to the kinds of e-kits we can produce to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Beyond the environmental benefits, e-kitting offers a variety of financial and customer-service advantages. For starters, going paperless translates to savings since it eliminates printing and shipping costs. The expenditure to ship a large physical kit can sometimes even exceed the cost of manufacturing it. In these cases, a digital option may make better economic sense.

Electronic kitting also allows for improved security. MIXTO’s e-kits require member authentication to access documents, which greatly reduces the chances of private information falling into the wrong hands. In a world where consumer privacy is constantly being breached, extra security is a sought-after feature you can sell your customers on.

Finally, e-kits can be delivered almost instantaneously after processing. This dramatically decreased turnaround time means customers can access their documents much sooner from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.

Despite all this, we understand that print materials are sometimes essential. If you can’t make the leap entirely to digital, MIXTO can design hybrid options that combine physical and electronic kitting. The result is a tailor-made solution that provides the right level of service while reducing surplus waste.

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Full Service Digital Solutions: Custom Software
Development for E-Kits

The MIXTO team includes experienced, tech-savvy professionals who can design, test, and implement custom business applications for eco-conscious organizations. When it comes to e-kitting, MIXTO is able to develop specialized applications and portals that allow customers to easily access their e-kit materials online. We work with our clients to meet their specific application requirements and ensure the final product is seamless and user-friendly. Once an application is launched, MIXTO provides continued support as needed.

We also offer advanced data storage solutions to our clients. Our data retention services meet the highest standards of privacy and security. When data is ready for deletion, we deploy sophisticated software to remove it irreversibly from our system. For companies looking to decrease wasteful hardcopy files, MIXTO is ready and able to support their data storage and data protection needs.

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MIXTO Makes Going Green a Company Priority

At MIXTO, we have made it a practice to implement green initiatives throughout our business processes. We are continually looking for ways we can reduce waste and go paperless in-house. In recent years, we took measures to transition our hard copy reports to digital storage. As a result, we are proud to say we successfully decreased our in-house production printing by 75 percent.

Reduce Waste and Increase Customer Loyalty with Personalized E-Kits

The decision to transition to green digital services has never been easier. MIXTO is dedicated to finding new and exciting opportunities for our clients to move their traditional print materials online. Our electronic kitting services and custom software solutions can provide the same creative and compelling materials your customers have come to enjoy, but with a convenient, eco-friendly digital twist. With e-kitting your business can reduce waste, become more agile and save money by eliminating the high cost of printing and shipping.

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