Design and Code New Applications

  • Specializing in design and coding new applications
  • Software solutions to automate processes
  • Easy to follow documentation and instructions
  • Call-in support upon request
  • Buzz Loyalty

MIXTO Innovation
The genesis of most of our innovation has almost always been a specific problem or gap faced by our business partners—quite often issues they hadn’t even noticed themselves or problems they’d come to accept as par for the course with another plastic card company. We’re observant. We scrutinize our systems. Study your needs. We listen to your feedback. And then we develop a real solution. Impossible is not a concept we readily accept.

Processing Software
MIXTO has developed the processing software to run most plastic card programs, including those with cashless environments—and we offer all the individualization of the software and IT support that you’ll need to make your program a soaring success.


  • Add extensions to existing applications
  • Cashless payment transactions
  • Sports registration systems
  • On-line applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Virtual card and mobile phone applications

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