Find Cost Savings in Forgotten Areas of Business Processing

Successful corporations in your industry are strengthening and improving relationships with their customers to achieve profitability and market share. These corporations understand that strong relationships with customers are built on effective, accurate and consistent messaging that is timely and dependable. In 2003 report issued by LOMA (Life Office Management Association) called “The Financial Outlook for the Life Insurance Industry”, “Marketplace risk is minimized by selling the right products to the right customers through the right distribution systems and making an efficient use of technology to obtain and retain customers.”1 Successful corporations achieve profitability by focusing on what they do best. “… noncompetitive business processes will damage the life insurer’s market position as customers and distributors choose to do business with other organizations with more advanced procedures.”2

Communicating to customers (i.e. sending statements, plastic health benefit cards, car insurance cards, newsletters, claims cheques, notices and other documents) should be a simple process that can offer innovative marketing opportunities. Increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service should be a focus for increasing profitability and market share. Unfortunately, for some insurance companies it is often a missed opportunity, a complicated reactive burden to their administration centers. In this competitive insurance market, companies cannot afford to miss opportunities for simplifying and streamlining.

“In order to control expenses, according to one CEO, “Understanding core competencies and outsourcing those things that aren’t core will occur more frequently in the future. Competition will continue to demand that companies understand what they are really good at and what can be done effectively by outsourcing, establishing alliances, and so on.”3

MIXTO helps companies manage and strengthen their relationships with customers to make them more competitive. MIXTO is actually a Latin word, which means, “mixed”. We chose it because we offer a broad mix of products, services and programs – all related to managing your customer relationships.

MIXTO will provide you with a complete solution for business process outsourcing to simplify your programs and peripheral back office functions, which will increase your revenues. We will speed up your production, reduce your costs and enhance the security of your information, reducing risk. Our transition experts and customer service teams ensure smooth transfer of all work to our elevated platforms so you can realize the benefits of business process outsourcing. We can take on all components of your entire organization or start with one project or department as required.


MIXTO partners with extraordinary organizations like Manulife Financial, Motors Insurance of Canada (a General Motors of Canada company), and Royal Bank of Canada. Our partners realize cost savings in pilot projects, card-based programs, operations and production, and decreases in risk, due to our innovative methodology, expert data manipulation and precision execution of projects.

You will embrace our offering enthusiastically because, once you experience what MIXTO can do for your organization, you will create more new opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation than working with any other business process outsourcing partner.

1 Stephen W. Forbes, Senior VP, Research, LOMA, “The Financial Outlook for the Life Insurance Industry,” LOMA Report, 2003, p. 18
2 Ibid., p. 213 Stephen W. Forbes quoting from Stephen Hall, “Industry Outlook: 2003 Will Bring Great Unknowns, But Great Potential,” Resource, January 2003, p. 11

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