Card Manufacturing

  • Various cards types
  • Short run, high volume
  • Full colour CMYK or exact match PMS colours
  • UV varnishes and laminated finishes
  • Overprinting logos or images
  • Computer chip cards
  • Rush request programs
  • Personalizing and other features
  • Paper integrated cards
  • Laminated integrated cards
  • Cards made from various stocks
  • Key tags
  • Card hangers and carriers
  • Other collateral

MIXTO manufactures plastic cards for just about every need,
industry and sector imaginable with technology-driven quality
equipment. But our passion is in combining our top-of-the-line products
with support, advice and guidance for our customers. In other words, we
have the equipment to mass produce, but our products are individually
created for each customer or business partner. We want our products to
help you achieve your goals—and we want them to do this as
cost-effectively as possible.

Needs Based Printing

Give us your requirements and we will determine the most
cost-effective method to produce your cards the way you want
them.  In fact, saving you money is as important to us as it is to
you.  Whether you require foil printing, UV press technology or
litho printing, MIXTO has what it takes to meet your production needs
and design plans.

UV Press
This production process is best suited for runs ranging from
500 up to 50,000 cards. The UV press prints cards one at a time, which
is why it is referred to as a single card press.  This press does
a good job printing solid ink colours.  This printing method is
the most cost effective option for small to medium-sized jobs.

Litho Printing
This method is typically used for runs of 30,000 cards up to
several million.  Cards are run in sheets, laminated and then cut
to size. This printing method is the most cost effective for large

Foil Printing
Foil printing is used to manufacture anywhere from one to
250 cards—think sample runs and photo I.D. cards.  An electronic
image is transferred onto a single card using foil ribbon.

MIXTO offers full pre-press services to prepare your
artwork for production.  We use “ftp” technology for secure
transmission of large artwork files.  Our creative graphic designer
can create a strong marketing image for you. Artwork specifications.

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