Corporate Vision

MIXTO is “a customer service focused, provider of corporate fulfillment
and card programs that empowers partner companies to deliver
conceptions of new ideas, with positive energy, honesty and integrity.”
Come to us with your vision, and we’ll turn it into a reality.

Our Story

What we do

MIXTO provides card programs and corporate fulfillment services
with web-based solutions to help companies and organizations more
effectively communicate with their clients and members. We focus on
letter shop programs, kitting, email campaigns, plastic card programs
for sports, professional membership, insurance or automotive

What does MIXTO mean?

In Spanish, mixto means a “mixture”-and that’s why we chose the
word for our company’s name. In today’s competitive market, with all the
new technologies and marketing tools available, what businesses need is
a multi-tasking partner that has the equipment, talent, experience and
knowledge to guide them through their marketing projects, produce the
end product and manage everything from their database to distribution.
That’s MIXTO.


MIXTO Limited was created in 1999 with a mission-to provide the
highest quality customized plastic card programs and supportive services
to organizations of every type and size at competitive prices.

Today, our business partners include some of Canada’s top 50
companies as well as some of the country’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs
and small businesses. We have revolutionary print-on-demand
capabilities, expert and precise data management and a powerfully
efficient proprietary processing system. Innovation is not just
something we do; it’s integrated into how we think and approach the
needs of our business partners.

State-of-the-art equipment is the force behind our manufacturing
and processing, but there’s nothing high tech about our approach to
service, which is all about individual attention. In fact, our phones
are answered by a real person, and every project is personally handheld
by one of our team members-from beginning to end.

The result is cost savings and reduced risks in pilot projects,
card-based programs, operations and production for our business

Our Beliefs in Practice

We believe in integrity. Our work is 100 percent
accurate-guaranteed. All of our fulfillment and processing services are
fully explained in detailed service level agreements with commitments
to turn-around times and expectations.

We believe in teamwork and that the greatest resource our company
will ever have is our people-so we hire only the best. And we build
dynamic one-on-one relationships with our business partners.

We believe that no company or project is exactly alike. That’s
why MIXTO’s products and services are individually developed for each
partner. Every project is assigned a customer-based team that is managed
by an onsite project manager who ensures that our work meets your

We believe the quest for efficiency and improvement is an ongoing
process-and much of the innovation in our methodology has come from
solving problems for our partners. We take a project from concept to end
product using a highly focused, streamlined and cost-effective process.
There is no duplication of efforts and no bureaucracy. That leaves our
people free to devote themselves fully to meeting your needs.

We believe and know that with MIXTO as a business partner, you
will see immediate benefits in card-production flexibility and print

Privacy principles and practices
  • Accountability – we are responsible for personal information under our control.
  • Acknowledgement – we acknowledge the purpose for which we have the personal information.
  • Consent – we seek approval to manipulate any data received.
  • Limiting use and retention – confidential data is only used for the purposes it was ordered.  Data is deleted after use.
  • Accuracy – our goal is to be 100% accurate with the use of confidential data.
  • Safeguards –multi-level security safeguards protect your confidential data.
  • Openness – confidential data is not viewed by any other party; strict internal access to it.
  • Access – written consent is required to provide your designates access to your confidential information.
  • Inquiries and concerns – are addressed immediately.
Code of business conduct and ethics
  • MIXTO staff living the MIXTO values
  • Ethics in the workplace – safe and secure workplace, respect, professionalism, rewarding performance
  • Know and comply with all laws
  • Identify and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Protect personal and confidential data
Information classification and handling
  • Public – non-confidential business information for public consumption
  • Internal– information required for dissemination internally
    within MIXTO to fulfill orders or provide customer service.  For
    client data encryption codes are used to authenticate access.
  • Sensitive – higher level of confidential information than
    internal, access controlled on a need-to-know basis.  Unclassified
    information is designated “sensitive”.
  • Restricted – highest level of confidentiality, access
    controlled on a need-to-know basis, requiring specific authorization of
    the client and MIXTO executive.
  • Safeguards ensure proper protection
  • Secured storage cage
  • On-site shredding equipment
Information security policy
  • Classify, manage the risk and protect information assets, including systems, data and documentation.
  • User identification and passwords
  • Compliance

At MIXTO, we’ve put together a team of talented thinkers with a
pioneering spirit. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in making
sure today’s marketing tools are revenue generators for our business
partners. We design card programs for large corporations as well as
small businesses in diverse industries and sectors. And this is what
sets us apart. MIXTO is truly a one-stop shop. We can help you develop
the right action plan for you, showing you how to combine your card
program with other marketing tools to get the best edge and advantage.
And then we can make it happen. Or, if you prefer, we’re more than happy
to provide consulting as a stand-alone service. It’s up to you.

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